Why you need a project manager when building a house…

An image of hand with ballpen pointing in the contract

When building your house you will choose a builder or building company, the issue with this is that they are not always on site to manage their tradesmen. When a project manager is employed then he will make sure that the design is complied with the way you expect it to be.

The project manager will be the contact person between the builder and the owner to settle all disputes whether it be a construction issue or financial. He will also be able to assist with variations and supplier quality.

Most builders these days work on more than one project at a time and is often not around when needed and that’s when a project manager can fill in the gap with regular site visits with briefing and also support for the construction team and suppliers.

The most important part of building your new home is that everything runs smoothly and without stress and so for that reason alone a project manager is necessary inclusion in your team.