Renovate or build new?

This question often comes up in our everyday working life.

The short answer is VALUE FOR MONEY not only in the short term but for the life of the building.

Our recommendation is to keep all extensions in one place meaning only knock down one wall of the existing to accommodate the addition.

Keep the size of the addition below the size of the existing home. Often the question is raised due to the suburb and age of the existing residence so our recommendation is usually detonated if in a high-quality inner suburb as the existing residence is not the value but the block of land becomes the primary asset.

Good examples of this recently are the ‘Mr Fluffy homes’ around Canberra when a vacant block is worth more than when the house was on it. The most important question is, what is the budget.

We are always wanting to find that person that comes to us and says, there is no budget, just give us what we want, but in my 40 years no one has said that to me yet.

The budget MUST be met otherwise we are all waiting time. For that reason it is important for our clients to be honest with us and then we will be the same in return.