Tailored service

Being a small boutique team we have the chance to take our time with each client making sure we appeal to the brief, their needs and budget. After your consultation, we will bring your dreams to life. We are passionate about what we do, honest and personable.

Creative Experience

We have over 40 years experience in the industry. VRD has new architects in the office and one of the most well-known draftsmen in Canberra. Therefore we have new and old technique working together to create the best experience for our clients.  

Value for Money

At VRD, we believe value and making sure our clients get what they want and what they need. Because of our business structure, we are able to provide high-quality work at an affordable rate. This way, we can help our clients spend more on their project.



Being around for almost 40 years Robert Valk the director of VRD Design (formally VR Drafting services) is known in the industry as an expert in planning, approvals and design. He has designed and been apart of 4000+ house designs and 50+ Commerical Designs and fit-outs in all areas in Canberra and surrounds.

“If you don’t want to pay the high fees but want high quality work, you come to VRD.” Robert says

The reason we changed our name from VR Drafting services (where we were extremely well known in the industry) was that my draftsman became architects and we could offer clients high-quality architectural designs at the similar prices as drafting. offer Matt, who is Robert’s senior architect has been with Robert for over 10 years. 

“I have always loved helping people find a solution to their budget and requirements. We sit down with clients and give them a realistic budget and time frame so that expectations are met” Rob likes to also mention that everyone has champagne taste and that he likes to find a creative way where they can get what they want and meet there budget. He says it’s a hard job but after so many years and experience, I can gather what is possible and what will be a stretch.

An image of sketch of a house